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In this article, we have Top 17 best books for upsc which we had known by researched and get recommendation by the toppers required by you to crack this exam.If your goal is to crack upsc in 1st attempt so you need good study material and that all information and listed below.

Links for all the books are provided below for best discounted rates, so check them.

For your knowledge you must know that syllabus for upsc is vast and it can takes at least 1 year to complete it so you must not waste you are time reading the things which will not benefit you the most.

You should not waste your time reading the things that can waste your time.

Upsc Syllabus

So Firstly you must know what you have to study .so Basically upsc Syllabus have been divided into 7 sections which are-



  1.  Get the study material from here and please get a print out of the syllabus.
  2.  As for interviews of toppers they have recommended that firstly start study with ncert text books , they are the basic foundation for the things you are going to study.
  3.  The books i have mentioned you have no need to remember everything from that , just get a look to previous 10 year questions and you will get the idea which are important.
  4.  Don't repeat the mistake of reading same topic form 2 different books.
  5. Remember if you are a beginner too 1 year is enough for you if you have good strategy.
  6. Use Youtube to Study i.e. For Art & Culture you can  watch videos of classical dances, folk dances shows  and For Geography topics PMFIAS channel on youtube is great  Similarly use youtube and internet for getting knowledge. 

Books For UPSC

7 Best Books For UPSC 2021 You Should Get - Full Details


For HISTORY AND INDIAN CULTURE Had 4 parts so i am listing the best books for them.

  🌕 Facets of Indian Culture’ by Spectrum( Indian Culture

Facets of Indian Culture by spectrum is a great book which cover the all the topic for Indian Culture.

This book is a Composite study of Indian culture—its art forms, architecture, literary and intellectual traditions, beliefs and myths and aspects of social development. It also examines some vital aspects of cultural transformation in modern India. Candidates of many competitive examinations, but especially those of the Civil Services, will find this book worth reading. 


🌕 Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania ( Indian Culture )

Art and Culture by nitin singhania book covers the syllabus of Indian Heritage and Culture for General Studies Paper I. A wide ranged knowledge base of the Indian, Art, paintings, music and architecture has been presented with the help of several pictures and diagrams which will arouse the readers interest. There are questions at the end of each chapter which will help students prepare for the examinations.

Best Buy Link -  Art and Culture by nitin singhania (English)

Best Buy Link -  Art and Culture by nitin singhania (hindi) 

🌕 History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra ( Medieval History

 Ancient and Medieval India shall be meant for candidates from the state of Union Civil Services as well as various state public service examinations. The book covers the complete syllabus of ancient and medieval history for the Main exam union civil service and has material that is immensely helpful for the Prelims as well. The contents of the book are very relevant as they are developed after thorough analysis of the current syllabus and questions asked in previous years.

Best Buy Link -  History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT) (English)

Best Buy Link -  History of Medieval India by Satish Chandra (Old NCERT) (hindi)


🌕 Indian Ancient past by RS sharma ( Ancient History

India's Ancient Past is a comprehensive work that captures the historical strides from neolithic and chalcolithic times to Harappan civilization, Vedic times, rise of Mauryas, Gupta's. Satvahanas right up to the times of Harshavardhana it cover everything.

Best Buy Link -  Indian ancient past (English)

Best Buy Link -  Indian ancient past (hindi)


🌕 A Brief History Of Modern India ( Mordern History

This book brings along numerous aspects of the turbulent amount (from arrival of the Europeans on Republic of India|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation}n soil and therefore the institution of British rule India to the day India won independence and therefore the early years of freedom) in an exceedingly systematic and compact manner: major and necessary details and milestones ar effectively mentioned whereas many relevant however very little proverbial details also are highlighted.It is not simply the thought freedom struggle that has been considered; the disparate efforts—small however significant— of many teams have conjointly been mentioned. The political and socio-economic developments that have influenced the expansion of contemporary Asian country are restricted in freelance chapters.


For GEOGRAPHY Had 3 parts so i am listing the best books for Upsc them.

🌕 Certificate Physical And Human Geography ( World Geography

The book is split into 2 main sections. the primary one deals with geography, wherever in-depth data regarding existing land plenty, oceans, styles of winds, rivers, glaciation, mountain varieties, groundwater, downfall and its international patterns and such existing phenomenon is conferred in an exceedingly well illustrated manner that produces reading a pleasure. It conjointly has data on Earth’s crust and also the varied natural forces gift in our world. there's a close section on earthquakes and volcanoes too.

The second section details regarding the present international climatical zones of savannah, Steppe, Mediterranean, Equatorial and Tropical Monsoon Climate. Aspects of Human geographics contact these varied climatical zones, the kinds of agriculture practiced, the urban centers, mineral wealth {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} developed industrial belts have also been enclosed.

Buy Link -  Certificate Physical And Human Geography (English)

🌕 Maps Oxford School Atlas( Physical Geography )

The Oxford Student Atlas for Asian nation uses the newest progressive techniques to provide maps that square measure correct and straightforward to scan. It meets the syllabi needs of assorted education boards in Asian nation. totally researched and up-to-date, this fully refashion of the atlas additionally caters to the requirements of scholars making ready for competitive examinations conducted by the UPSC, State Public Service Commissions and alternative examining bodies.

Buy Link -  Maps Oxford School Atlas (English)


🌕 India: Physical Environment (NCERT)( Indian Geography

the relevant options and topics of India’s geographical landscape in a very systematic and comprehensive manner. Varied topics lined area unit resources of Bharat, differing kinds of irrigation, cropping patterns of Bharat, transport and public distribution system and food security. it's conjointly being more and more cited by graduates and postgraduates of the topic and by researchers and academicians.

Buy Link -  India: Physical Environment (NCERT) (English)



For ECONOMY Had 1 parts so i am listing the best books for Upsc it.

🌕 Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh( Economy )

  it has a comprehensive and modern book written by Ramesh Singh on the topic with elaborate coverage of all topics prescribed by the UPSC. This book has proven to be of large importance to the aspirants of UPSC and varied State officialdom Examinations, students at universities, academics, and people with Associate in Nursing permanent  passion for the topic.

Buy Link -  Indian Economy by ramesh singh (English)

🌕 Recent Economic Survey( Economy )

 The story of the formation of Republic of India, the world's largest democracy, could be a made and
inspiring one. This volume, a sequel to the popular India's Struggle for
Independence, analyses the challenges Republic of India has faced  and also the successes it
has achieved within the lightweight of its colonial bequest and century-long struggle for
freedom. It covers the framing of the Constitution and also the evolution of the
Nehruvian political and economic agenda and basics of foreign policy; the
consolidation of the state and contentious problems like party politics within the
Centre and also the states, the geographical area drawback and anti-caste politics and
untouchability. These, along side objective assessments of Jawaharlal Nehru,
Indira Gandhi, Jayaprakash Narayan, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Rajiv Gandhi,
Vishwanath Pratap Singh, Atal Sanskrit Vajpayee and Manmohan Singh,
constitute a noteworthy summary of a nation on the move.

Buy Link - Recent Economic survey (English)


For POLITY Had 1 parts so i am listing the best books for it.


🌕 Indian Polity Survey ( Polity )

It has become a must-read book for aspirants showing in varied competitive examinations, particularly the civil services examinations. The big selection and scope of problems that it covers conjointly makes it valuable to postgraduates, analysis students, teachers and general readers UN agency have an interest within the country’s political, civil and constitutional problems. This new, fifth edition, has seven new chapters extra, in conjunction with four new appendices. The extant  chapters are fully revised and updated with recent developments.

Buy Link - Indian Polity Survey (English)

For Current Affairs Had 1 parts so i am listing the best books for UPSC it.

You just need to read newspapaer and see news for that you don't need the other boooks for that thing.

For Science and tech Had 1 parts so i am listing the best books for it.

This book follows the paper pattern and curriculum given by Union Public Service Commission that conducts these examinations. The language of the book is straightforward and therefore the content is participating that ensures students face no hassle throughout finding out. 

Buy Link - Notes by shankar (ias)(English)


For Enviroment and Ecology Had 1 parts so i am listing the best books for it.

 You need to study about the climatic change and all the problem caused you can get it from newspaper and form online source and you can check the NIOS notes study material too.





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